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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Become a Blogger For Palin!

The only way to kick-start talk of a Palin candidacy is for the bloggers like us to band together to show our support. Otherwise, the media and the political establishment will remain blissfully unaware that there are other VP options beyond the current presidential candidates.

Show the world that you want a new face on the ticket in 2008 by becoming a Blogger for Palin!

How to join:

If you use Blogger: Leave a comment on this post using your Blogger username (so I can find your blog easily), then write a post about Gov. Palin on your blog so that I know you genuinely support her.

If you use a different blogging platform: Send me an email at with a link to your blog, then endorse Gov. Palin for VP on your blog so that I that you are who you claim to be.

In the near future, I hope to post some cool "Palin for VP" graphics that you can add to your blog as a show of support.


Eric Dondero said...

Allow me to be the first one to sign up. My Blog is at We have linked to your Blog to Draft Sarah Palin for VP. It's a feature piece up today.

I campaigned with and for Sarah back last October in Anchorage, waving signs on a very busy Anchorage street corner.

Sarah Palin represents the very best of libertarian Republicans.

Giuliani/Palin is a winning ticket for 2008, and would give the Democrats heartburn.

Sorry, Alaska. You will be losing a great Governor, but gaining an even more fantastic national leader if Sarah accepts.

(Besides, Lt. Gov. Purnell is fantastic too, and would make a great Governor.)

kazoolist said...

Count me in! Palin would an excellent choice for '08 VP!

Perry Christopher said...

I am in favor of a Romney/Palin ticket

Steven M Nielson said...

Sarah Palin would be a great choice for VP. I am currently researching her some more to come up to speed, but my instincts are usually right on about character and integrity in candidates!

Sign me up!

it's vintage, duh said...

hey! my blog is here's a ink to the direct post:

Geoarrge said...

Well, John McCain isn't my favorite candidate, to put it delicately.

But Gov. Palin as a running mate would sweeten the deal immensely.

And here's my endorsement.

Bill Shaw said...

Any woman who can shoot straight, gut her animal then come home and run the whole state has got my vote...

Bill Shaw

Joe said...

Hi my blog is

I will be an especially ardent supporter if I can be convinced she can assume the commander-in-chief mantle. (esp. in debates)

Dust I Am said...

I'm delighted to advertise the Draft Palin website at my Kansas City blog--

Syphax said...

I would feel a lot better voting for John McCain if he had Sarah Palin on his ticket. Count me in.

Syphax said...

My blog now mentions an endorsement for Sarah Palin.

I think she would make a wonderful addition to John McCain's candidacy.

Zak said...

I have just endorsed Governor Palin on my blog, that I just started. I hope to help you in anyway to help make the Governor our next Vice President.

Joshua Lawson said...

I've just endorsed Palin on my blog. I think she would make an absolutely incredible VP and future president. McCain can really seize all those disenfranchized Clinton voters by taking the ever popular Alaskan Gov.

here's my blog:

McCain/Palin '08

Mr. Hedge said...

After concluding a recent Veepstakes series where I examined all of the possible Republican veep candidates, I came to my own conclusion that Palin would be McCain's best choice, even if it's not the most likely one. If we don't make it this time, sign me up for Draft Palin 2012!

Brian Jessen said...

Count me and my blog in as well! Palin is a candidate to help pull conservatives back to McCain!

Paul Zannucci said...

count me in at

Anonymous said...

In 2008, I've had posts on Gov. Palin on March 7, April 24, and June 16.

~~ Steve Rankin
Jackson, Mississippi

Free Citizen

Steve said...

I'm in. Endorsements here and here.

Unknown said...

I'm in.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin, is the obvious choice. She would bring in all the angry Hillary supporters, plus she would bring in the conservative's more solid. Republicans are not to pleased with the GOP and McCain being the ticket, But McCain is 100 times better then the (bo). We REALLY NEED PALIN on this ticket! She would bring a FRESH SWEET SPUNK back into the Republicans, There is No doubt she is what is needed on the VP ticket. To not chosse her will be a major mistake. This will also allow her to get even More experience and in the public eye to run for President. Sarah Palin HAS to be the VP! to wake up the GOP. With her on the ticket I have no doubt of a land slide.

Please post it on McCains site also. In my opinion, it is extremely Important to get Sarah in as the Vice President. There is no other choice that will unite SO MANY!

I have added my support here and I have added links back to here.

Amanda said...

I am just starting a blog, nothing extraordinary yet but it is about politics/lawschool and my first non-introduction post was Pro-Palin!

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin! Palin!

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Let me clarify my comment above :)
Sarah Palin should be taken as McCain's VP.

Has the petition been sent? With the recent washingtonpost article, you should be getting lots of hits. I've let others know too.

Bill said...

I support Gov. Palin and have written about her in two of my posts so far. She would be a great pick for John McCain...

My blog is at:

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Hey guys - I should mention, I'm blogging for Palin/McCain and other conservative issues and politics.

Here is my blog:

2400+ signatures!!! have you sent it yet?

Paul Snatchko said...

I think Gov. Sarah Palin would be a good VP choice for Senator McCain!

Here is my endorsement post:

Anonymous said...

I think Sarah Palin would be a great VP.
Let's start drilling in ANWR next year.

Sign me up. I'm at

Anonymous said...

It is official:

I am on board with Palin, fully.

Add me to the list, and you've got things in order.

bullmoosen said...

I couldn't be a bigger Palin supporter. Anything you need me to do for the cause, I'm on board for.

Bret K. said...

Please, Senator McCain, choose a pro-life running-mate. I think Governor Palin would be awesome!

Khaki Elephant said...

I wish I'd spotted your site earlier! I've been a fan of Palin's for a while and think she is truly one of the party's rising stars (and so do Alaskan Dems as they are now starting to take notice and attack).

Count me in!
Sarah Palin for Veep!

Editor said...

All Palin, count me in.

Wanda said...

YES!!! Now I'm excited!!! I'm all for MCCAIN/PALIN. I'm going to post every where I can.

I'm in!

Wanda Powers

(I am new to Blogging but after the weekend there will be everything I can find on Mrs. Palin, our next VEEP)

Heather said...

I'm so excited! I really didn't think she'd make the short list, but she's in and we're in and I couldn't be happier!


Celeste said...

I don't know anything about blogging, but I do know about politics. I am a person who votes according to my convictions only. I have never chose a party, and never thought I would support any national party wholly, but I fully support McCain and Palin. I have never been more passionate about politics in my life. If I could quit my job and just help run the McCain/Palin ticket I would, and if you knew me you would realize how out of place that is for me. Go McCain and Palin, my God Bless this election for you.


Sandy4409 said...

Elect McCain and Sarah Palin!
Save our country!


Anonymous said...

Count me in! ....

Unknown said...

Hi and congratulations! My name is Dianne, go by Dinthemidwest I am from Indiana and have followed this election closely. I am thrilled and excited about Sarah Palin running with John McCain. I just watched her on tv and she is so classy, sincere,poised. I am so excited to learn more about her and support the McCain/Palin ticket.I also am a mother of 5 children. To me this ticket brings both excitment for my family. I have watched the relentless rise of Obama with much fear...Go Get em John & Sarah !!

Unknown said...

Britain had its Maggie Thatcher and Germany recently got its Angela Merkel. It's time for an American orginal strong, tough, woman leader....SARAH PALIN!!!

Unknown said...

Britain had its Maggie Thatcher and Germany recently got its Angela Merkel. It's time for an American orginal strong, tough, woman leader....SARAH PALIN!!!

Dakotapam said...

I'm in! Bring it on!

Blog Friend said...

Today's Announcement lead to the first bit of excitement about this 08 election.

Sarah Palin inspires the hope and change that other have only spoken about...

glitzen said...

my blog is

i already did a post about sarah. i support her 100%!!!!!!!!!!

rel said...

Let me help.
Sarah Palin has my support 100%
My post is up:

Unknown said...

Brilliant choice for VP. It's noted on my blog: Midlife Cabernet.

Jess said...

Sarah rocks!!! My latest post says it all.

Unknown said...

This is just what the country needs, a woman of integrity and respect, that I hope one day she would become the president of the United States. Hope to be the first to vote for her in the RGV, she has my admiration and respect.

Reuben said...

This election is about judgment and temperament. What does it say about John McCain that rather than selecting a running mate from among the many qualified politicians in the Republican party he impulsively chose someone unknown to most people outside Alaska? What does it say about John McCain's judgment that he chose someone whose record on most of the issues and concerns confronting Americans is non-existent. Please look at Sarah Palin's record on these important issues at the non-partisan website "" and see for yourself. Compare her to Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, or even Joe Biden. Every one of them has a clear record of positions; Sarah Palin does not.

Dee Rohe said...

Intuition Rocks!

Glad to see this opportunity to help our country go in the right direction. I have a very good gut feeling about Gov. Palin. For one thing, she looks like my daughter, who used to live in Alaska! They both have high moral family standards and seem to have that heavenly glow that is so needed now in the U.S. Instead of harboring anger about cruel circumstances thrown at them in life - they are making the right choices and being positively beneficial to their families.

My blog had been neglected until sunddenly yesterday when I felt the strong need to post an excerpt on my Global Rumblings blog. No coincidence - THE TIME HAS COME - now my blog will have a positive energy and renewed focus.

My blog: http://globalrumblings.blogspot

Please kindly list it! I will be adding it to my Yahoo signature so that every email I send will have a link.


Dee Rohe

SPENCER0803 said...

A woman VP? Sounds good to me! I was shocked, in a good way, when McCain picked a woman for his VP. Then the more I found out about her the more I liked her! I was already going to vote for McCain, so this is icing on the cake! My son is a special needs child, and althought McCain already had my vote, when I saw a documentary about Cindy McCain several months ago I knew he was the right choice! Her work with children born with clefts and other anomolies is fantastic! The news media should do more stores on her! Now to have Palin as his VP it is a total win win! I hate these news storys I keep seeing about how "Palin is a step back for womens lib...". A step back for who? Not me! Just because she is a beautiful woman, has long hair (not a short man cut), has values, has a large family and stands up for what she believes is right means that she is taking a step backwards for womens rights? NOT TRUE! She is a strong woman and strong mother. I do not believe in abortion either and even thought I spend numerous hours every week taking my special needs son to therapy appointments and doctor visits I would not change it for the world! I suppose the "liberals on tv" would have rather me just aborted him because he is "too much trouble" and probably costing the insurance companies too much money! WELL TOO BAD! I stand up and applaud you Sarah Palin for everything you have done for Alaska, and for everything you will achieve as Vice President of the United States!

Anonymous said...

I have always voted republican, and voted for Mitt Romney in the primary. When he dropped out I made up my mind "reluctantly" to vote for Obama and changed to independent. I felt like change, any change to shake things up was better than the status quo. But when I saw McCain introduce Sarah Palin and heard the facts about her, I knew she was my kind of woman. I will be voting for McCain-Palin.

tristetrista said...

here's a maverick idea, i wonder if the candidates would consider using the convention (if it's legal to do so, don't know) to raise money/aid for the people that will be victimized by the impending hurricaines. they could even invite the obama camp to join in. that certainly would not be politics as usual.

ggmama said...

The McCain/Palin ticket is an insult to the American people, especially Hillary supporters, who love their country and are not as shallow as McCain and the Karl Rove team would like to think. Palin stands for NOTHING that Hillary stands for. And when she tries to use Hillary's name to support her ticket, it disgusts me. With the selection of Palin as VP candidate, not only does that strengthen by belief that Obama/Biden will be the best for the country and get my vote, I am now actively campaigning for them.

Anonymous said...

I really agree with the choice of Governor Palin for Vice President. She is so right on. What I like most is that Gov. Palin wants to teach creationism in our schools. My hope is Gov. Palin and Senator McCain get elected so we don't have science classes anymore. Without the two of them in Washington, who is going to ring the bell for creationism?

I've been telling people for years, we should cut science classes in the schools and just teach reading and writing and arithmetic. And maybe history. But all this evolution theory is for the birds and bees. I mean studying science can be hard. If you want to learn something about science, you really have to work at it. Scientific just confuses people and I think we can all agree, we don't need any more confused people.

For example, if President Bush had started reading the bible earlier in life, he wouldn't be so confused by himself and confusing to us. I shudder when I think of all the unlearning he had to do after he was born again and accepted Jesus into his life. If he had just started with the Bible, he wouldn't have had to learn anything else. It's all right there.

This idea of teaching creationism instead of science is also good economic policy. If we cut science classes, we can save money by not hiring science teachers and we wouldn't have to have school science projects. I mean who cares what’s in a petrie dish. If you want to know, just look at the forgotten leftovers in the refrigerator.

Lastly, if we stop teaching science we wouldn't need science books, we could just use the Bible. I mean, there it is right in the very first verses of the Bible how God created the world. You can't make it any simpler than that. And practically everybody has a bible, most people I know have 2 or 3. I mean, even Jews have Bibles. Well, at least the Old Testament anyway. And the Muslims have the Koran which also says God created the heavens and the earth in six days and then rested.

Creationism is not theory, it’s a fact--check it out.


Anonymous said...

I am SO in. I am ecstatic about the choice of Sarah Palin and I was excited to be a part of last Thursday's night speculation! (was posting as jddqr) :)

My blog is and I'll be updating it heavily over the next few months.

Best regards to all.

dandeville said...

I'm ready to support this ticket 100%, Governor Palin was THE best choice by John McCain. Please find my first post in support of McCain - Palin:

dandeville said...

copy of post:

Sunday, August 31, 2008
stone hits bee hive

Senator John McCain's choice of governor Sarah Palin for the VP slot not only took the wind from the sails of the democrat party yacht sailing in Denver, but caused instant panic in the foot soldier class of Obama faithful and spin doctors—kind of like when a stone hits a bee hive, the negative and incoherent buzz was deafening on the alphabet soup networks. Sarah Palin is the real deal: she has the credentials of CHANGE and the executive experience missing on the Democrat ticket. So the reason for so many angry bees, is due to the self-inflicted stone throw: Obama's qualifications to lead the free world as Chief Executive and Commander in Chief of the United States, are clearly missing, he does not have the EXPERIENCE, ACCOMPLISHMENT or JUDGEMENT required for the job. Governor Palin trumps Obama on all of the above and is articulate, captivating and inspiring--without the aid a teleprompter. Unlike Obama, Sarah Palin’s message of CHANGE is real, palpable and compelling, expressed with the clarity of conviction and strength of sincerity, not a glossy veneer crafted by media pros, which crumbles and betrays the integrity and authenticity of the message, i.e., when empty space is filled with mind-numbing, Obama duhhs and uhhhs and ehhhhs....the empty space of fabrication.

Reen said...

When McCain's choice for V.P. was announced on Friday, my eyes filled up with tears. She is going to be a breath of fresh air in the White House. I have read and watched everying I can regarding this remarkable woman and I am so thrilled. Good job, Mr. McCain!!!!


Nick said...

An outstanding an inspied choice for VP! This is from a politics/Rep fan in Australia. My blog is in its infancy, but it is so far very Sarah-centric (and I haven't finished yet!) Find it at

All the best - and good luck from Down Under!

Jem said...

SP has blown Obama/Biden out of the water! Check out my blog. :-)

I'll be looking for those graphics.

Jim said...

Everyone I talk to about the news that Palin is on the ticket with McCain says to me "Who is Sarah Palin?" With all the questions about who Sarah is and what she can do for the Republican ticket this election I decided to create a new blog. On this new blog I plan to track the current news and opinion articles about Sarah. Please take a look at:

McCain/Palin '08 all the way!

Robert David STEELE Vivas said...

Sarah Palin, First Mom! I had already supported her at my original blog, but have joined the Google "we own what you write and you see what we've been paid to allow you to see" blogging community as Robert David STEELE Vivas posting on Postpartisan Democracy.


Poetslife said...

I write Poetslife: A Z-List Blogger and just wrote a page (gladly) about Governor Palin. You state on your blog to leave a message to link to yours, so here it is.

Robert David STEELE Vivas said...

I have a blog account, am Robert David STEELE Vivas, the blog I ramped up today can be seen at

Since you know her personally, I hope you will interpret and explain "First Mom" as a key "meme" that will be postpartisan and cross all boundaries.

Some other stuff I want to share but has to be offline. my cell is 703.242.1701 to get private email.

Cowtown Aggie said...

Palin is the best news I've heard this campaign season. Obama lost the election August 29, 2008 thanks to McCain's announcement on Friday. I look forward to her toe to toe with Biden and know that with her integrity this will be a campaign to look forward to.

Divine Debutante said...

See my Blog on Defending Sarah London and back.

rgainesaccountant said...

I am a 23 year old that just finished an undergraduate degree and part of a masters. I would just like to say that I have only voted once just because I couldn't for so long. I figured, "What's the point? They are all corrupt and full of lies, anyway." After seeing Sarah Palin's speech when she was offered the position to VP, I was inspired to register in the town I live in now. She actually made me proud to be an American. That's exactly what this country needs. No more empathy! God bless America!

Unknown said...

I have taught gymnastics & tumbling in Indiana for 36 years,my goal has always been to teach young girls to grow into confident, goal oriented young women.

Sarah Palin has all my admiration
and support. She is the greatest
role model. My daughter who is 35 yrs. played basketball as a point guard, point guards are leaders, focused, and tough.

Go Sarah! ( Also coach cheerleading)

Joe said...

First post ever on a blog for me. Never was into politics until I saw the twin towers burning in person. I literally screamed with joy out loud when I heard Sarah Palin was chosen as McCain's running mate. So looking forward to her acceptance speech tonight :)

Joe - NJ

Unknown said...

I am so happy to finally have someone running for office that I can relate too!! From a mother of 5

Unknown said...


Vanguard of Freedom

Anonymous said...

I honestly think this has ANYTHING to do with Sarah Palin`s parenting. I believe that she is probably a great "hockey mom" but being the Vice-President of the USA is not a "hockey mom" kind of position. Yes, we put more want on woman because woman are more wholesome and expectant than fathers, that's just.. how it is! She has a baby with DOWN-SYNDROME. .that will need a loving and caring mother to be there at a blink of an eye, and a daughter that is sleeping around, drinking booze, and supposedly \"getting married\"! They have totally glamorized teen pregnancy! They did it with Jamie Lynn Spears, and they are now doing it with Sarah Palin`s daughter and that just simply is NOT RIGHT! If this was some black girl from-inner city Chicago, it would be a totally different story.. and will all know that! IS SARAH PALIN REALLY! READY TO LEAD AMERICA IN A HEARTBEAT?.. that is the question that is going have to be answered in her speech tonight!

ggmama said...

As a working mother, Sarah Palin's speech was totally uninspiring and left me very concerned that people would be excited about her possibly put into a national leadership role. Unlike the speeches at the Democratic National Convention, her speech left me no feelings of hope that the Republicans truly understood what the masses are going through with our challenges with respect to our jobs, our healthcare, our children's safety with all the guns and violence, our children's quality of education with the huge budget cuts, etc, etc. Nothing, nothing that gave us hope. Just criticisms by a newcomer who has nothing to show on the national or international levels.

mac.kring said...

I am becoming a republican? Have I woken in an alternate reality? Wow! Sarah Palin is one thrilling candidate! Last month I was ready to pull the lever for Obama but now....
I am the nominated secretary for a group of friends and relatives that are mostly undecided, several committed to Obama, some to McCain(Hey one of us really likes George Bush!)but all of us are determined to educate ourselves as much as possible to have full confidence when we pull the lever. We are all fascinated with this new and electrifying Governor!
Thank you for this site and helping to bring her to the national stage!

Kevin A. Sam said...

I sense that Gov. Sarah Palin does have the political will to fight against the big guns in Washington, and the guts to fight against the establishments of power, and money hungry corporations too. She appeals to a wider conservative base who are average working class people--lower-middle to middle class folks. That's the type of leadership America needs today. She was heard loud and clear by many people in heartland America who were wondering if she had the heart and soul to be the fighter and reformer insiders described her to be. She definitely showed that she does; and I feel that she is definitely a leader many could trust as Vice-President to get the job done.

An American Woman said...

I have a blog supporting Sarah

I think Sarah's speech last night was wonderful.

Carley said...

I'm in! My blog is at

Midnight Train said...

Count me in. I'm for Sarah.

Michael Nagles said...

I'm in! I have added a link to your blog on my own.

Michael (website)

Divine Debutante said...

To the distinguished Mr. Brinkley, you have inspired me to start my first blog.

Fellow Bloggers, please visit:

...and enjoy my logical perspectives to our "unbiased media" the least, I'll give you some honest arguments to discuss with friends and family ;-).

1 said...

We're in! Dads For Palin is a blog dedicated to the McCain/Palin ticket.

SSquibb said...

Sarah Palin is a female version of President Ronald Reagan.

MyJoy2Go said...

I have add your link to my blog and here's is my
blog Click Here

MyJoy2Go said...

We are all excited with Sarah Palin as the VP candidate. I have added your blog to my blogspot so check out mine. Click Here

MyJoy2Go said...

We are all excited with Sarah Palin as the VP candidate. I have added your blog to my blogspot so check out mine. Click Here

Jennifer said...

Blogging for Sarah Palin for hope of truth and liberty! My mission is to post the real facts on Palin, as the drive by media goes on the attack and also start a campaign to learn what Sarah Palin understands about the Federal Reserve and our failing dollar and see if we can get her to take on this cause. I ask Ron Paul supporters to give her a chance and join this cause. Lets see if we can get Ron Paul and her talking about the Federal Reserve!

In Liberty,

Gary Carl Love said...

Politics and the outdoors, it’s important to me, and Jackfish Lures. Hunting and fishing have always been an important part of life for us in North America. I am finding that as we move deeper into the new millennium that there are a growing number of people who want to end hunting and fishing as we know it.
I am sure that there are some Democrats who support outdoor sports like hunting and fishing, however their stance on gun control is very scary and sends a message of government interference in our outdoor sports. I am a Red White and Blue American, and very proud of my country. As well I am a proud Canadian, I am lucky enough to enjoy two very different countries, yet the people are very much the same. I have this wonderful right because my Dad moved to the U.S.A in the 50’s and Served his country in the proud U.S NAVY I was born in California and grew up and went to school in the U.S.A I live in Alberta Canada right now, and am working in the oil and gas industry on top of a professional sport fishing career. My wife and I want to purchase some land in the U.S and have a home there too, I am yearning to have a home in both countries.
Now when it comes to politics, I do look at the issues put forward and weigh both sides before making a choice. I went to school in a small town in Colorado, and we were taught the value of our vote, and the importance of said vote. As an owner of a Small Business I see the value in Free Trade Lower Taxes and less government. Going into the Democrat and Republican conventions I was unsure of who to vote for. I am one to wait and see what both sides present, before making a choice. It is now that I must speak my mind and I feel I have to say something. I was so disappointed in the media coverage of the Republican Convention. I was disturbed at how lopsided and unfair and cruel the coverage was. And I wondered why they would be so wildly against one person.
So with much anticipation I watched Sarah Palin speak to the Republican Convention. WOW my wife and I were blown away, at how wonderful this woman is. I was unaware of her hunting and fishing and outdoor lifestyle. Let me tell you without hesitation Sarah Palin is the Real Thing, to take the kind of unfair bashing she took and to come out and deliver to us Americans probably, no, the single greatest speech I have ever heard or witnessed, WOW. IT was then that I understood the reason why the Liberals are so afraid of her, because she is down home American.
The Democrats lost my vote, let me be clear on that, it’s obvious who has my vote now. So the Democrats want to talk issues!!! First of all as someone who has been watching what is going on and has a small business there is one main ISSUE, this ISSUE is the one that will affect every American. The ISSUE is TAXES!! Barack Obama wants to increase taxes to pay for social programs and provide social services to Poor and underprivileged Americans. Ok well what the heck are we going to make the welfare cheques bigger?? What happened to working and doing for ourselves? Why do we need to have the government do it all for us which they wouldn’t anyway. Barack Obama knows good and well he can’t deliver. Barack come on fella, More TAXES!! Who is going to pay it? You will cut the rug out from under other Americans just getting by, in this economy your liberal Congress has cooked up. WHO IS GOING TO PAY? You did not answer this question, see the thing is that your plan will utterly ruin the economy and could cause another collapse like the depression. I hear only two people who have it right John McCain and Sarah Palin. Cut Taxes on small business and on big business, Big business is going to send jobs overseas anyway; it can’t be stopped by a tax increase. Jobs go overseas people because UNION LABER is too expensive in the U.S and Canada. Last time I checked Barack Obama was all for the UNIONS. SO how on earth is this idea the Democrats have going to work it is impossible and careless to think that a plan like that is worthwhile. And to sugar coat it like you’re going to save America is unbelievable.
John McCain and Sarah Palin will cut taxes, and keep free trade alive, now Barack I hope you read this. If you want the economy to excel, start Drilling some Wells get some exploration done. Hey want Gas prices to drop let’s build a few more refinery’s and use our own resources we have in NORTH AMERICA and tell OPEC to jump off the bridge. Alaska and Canada have enough oil to power both countries for hundreds of years, and natural gas the same. Barack look at the Province of Alberta in Canada, I will help you out bud it’s the country to the North of you, the one with the friendly border and wonderful Canadian people. Our province is debt free pal, hey no debt we owe 0.00 nothing.
Our oil and gas industry is providing more jobs than we can fill and the economy is off the charts. I hope you look at it and pay close attention this should be the model for getting back to work and paying down the massive DEBT the U.S has built up. John McCain has the ability and Sarah Palin knows tons about the energy wealth we have in our possession, and I know they will deliver. Giving out handouts does nothing to help our Countries grow it kills the roots we grew this beautiful country on. We need less tax, and less of the liberal roadblocks in Washington, I believe John McCain when he says he will use his Veto power, and I know Washington will get a shaking up.
For us outdoors sportsmen and women Sarah Palin will protect our right to hunt and fish, and I believe we need to support McCain/Palin for the sake of us all.
God Bless America
God Bless Canada
Gary Love Jr.

Debbie's Right Thoughts said...

I have a blog on blogspot. It's "Debbie's Right Thoughts." Please link my blog to yours if you would. Here is my link:

Great job on pushing Sarah for so long and having the foresight to do so! I am really impressed with your wisdom!

Historical Melungeons said...

Please count us in!!!

We started this blog to counteract some of the mudslinging from the media.

History Chasers

Stephanie said...

I love your blog! (Cliche I know, but true) I will say I first heard of Gov. Palin back in April when she was here in Houston for a conference but then had to cut her trip short because her little boy, Trig, couldn't wait to see the world. I've read more about her since then and when she was announced I was more than pleased that Sen. McCain showed some brains in choosing her as a running mate. Check my blog out at

Blog Friend said...

Palin or President, Ron Paul for VP.

That would be a recipe for realistic "Hope" and "Change".

If Sarah Palin were to become VP, she would be a shoe in for President. Once this country as a woman president (yes, this is a man speaking) it will be very hard to vote a man back into office.

There are differences beween men and women that can make significant differences in leadership and the direction of a country.

If we were ever able to get a woman like Sarah Palin as President, we'd likely see those differences create more action and less talk. I have a feeling that things would just GET DONE instead of "get talked about".

not Palin related, but important commentary on the safety of our kids on the internet would be:The Internet Brings Bangkok to your Backyard.

Very excited to have Sarah Palin on the ticket. Excited enough to actually vote in spite of McCain.

JB said...

I am an ardent fan of Sarah Palin, and can tell you that conservative Atlantans are extremely enthused about having her on the ticket. I have friends who have now signed up to work on the McCain campaign, those who have FINALLY made a decision on their vote, and have fallen on our side and more. My blog is

2QTsInHeaven said...

Count me in as another Palin blogger--

FC said...

“It is far better to cling to Religion & Guns than to cling to the audacity of dopes” - RJF, NJ

Sandra said...

weave said...

I was going to hold my nose and vote for McCain. Since Sarah came on board I've donated to his campaign and plan on actively promoting them until they win in November. Maybe, just maybe, we have finally found someone who can actually lead, inspire, and help us to begin dismantling our governmental nightmare in D.C. and return this country back to those of us who actually pay the bills.

Unknown said...

All Sarah Palin, all the time. I am genuinely in love with her as a political figure, but I am still trying to vet out all of the positive and negative I can find. Please check out my Joe Biden's Dabate Prep post!

DiscerningTexan said...

I am hoping my admiration for the Governor and my support for her will be evident by reading almost any post on my blog lately.

Unknown said...

Alaskans in Tennessee are IN! Have a few posts already going for Sarah and we just did a little interview on our local TV. My husband was the Youth Pastor at Wasilla Bible the past five years and now we are in Tennessee.

Casey Goodson said...

Thank GOD for a powerhouse like Sarah Palin!!!! I fully support her as a young republican, a woman and a christian. She will be the next VP of the U.S., no doubts here!!! God has truly anointed her for such a time as this.

Casey Malulani Gooddson

Casey Goodson said...

Thank GOD for a powerhouse like Sarah Palin!!!! I fully support her as a young Republican, a woman and a Christian. She will be the next VP of the U.S., no doubts here!!! God has truly anointed her for such a time as this.

Casey Malulani Goodson

Gary Murphy said...

Youth and wisdom together
past and present tethered
reformers by nature
honesty in the legislature
may your team win
the people represent again

A TN Conservative said...

I just found your blog and I've enjoyed reading through it. You were way ahead of the curve! Mine is a new blog at

You'll notice that every post I've made so far has to do with Gov. Palin. I'll admit I was lukewarm about the McCain campaign, until he chose her as his running mate. It was a very smart move and we're all seeing the positive results for the presidential election. Keep up thye great work!

Bow Hunter said...

Sign me up Adam; I am really excited about getting Sarah elected see my blot at I am ready and anxious to help get Sarah elected.

Kotch de Ocampo said... this is my endorsement to Sarah Palin please read this!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big Sarah Palin fan. Thanks for supporting this wonderful woman.

Lady Esther said...

I want to blog for Palin! Sign me up: Yea, strong women!!! Yea!!! You go girl!

Bethie Marie said...

Blogging for Sarah at "Day of Praise"

Sarah is what America needs today!

God Bless,

ipka said...

I had to chortle to myself when I heard Mr Obama's gaff came whilst he was speaking at a school gym in Lebanon (Virginia).Mr Obama has been given a bit of a jolt and clear 'sign' from the Almighty to be careful, in future, if President, when mixing your metaphors in the other Lebanon. 'Cos that's how easy it is to start WWIII.

Why was it such an insult? Well because it harps back to a similar Bibical metaphor from Proverbs:

"As a jewel of gold in a swine's snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion".

Not kind! And although Mr Obama clearly did not intend to cause offense, what he did miss and misjudge, is that lipstick is now synonymous with the Republican VP hopeful, and that really is a bad call. And that fact alone could be his political undoing. The other striking flaw - well and truly exposed - is his unwillingness to apologise. All I can say is Oh-bummer and, he would do well to remember that: 'all political careers end in disaster'many prematurely precipitated by the unwillingness to bend a little.

Blueberry Babe said...

Sarah Palin's a great lady!

Every time I see her speak I get all choked up. She going to do great things

See my new "Northern Girls" logo's

Divine Debutante said...

To ipka:

I'll add another proverb to yours:

"Pride comes before the fall"

There is great power walking in also shows great maturity...;-)

Naturelover from Oregon said...

It has always amazed me that when women are "tough" it is portrayed as an undesirable characteristic, while men are not scrutinized for the very same behavior. Sarah's the best thing for leveling the playing field (finally) and in large part it was her toughness that put her in the VP Candidate position.
She's also articulate, smart and I believe she will do an outstanding job of helping McCain run this country.
You Go Girl!
My blog is:

The Perpetual Single Woman said...

I have written quite a bit about Sarah Palin on my blog as of late. I am so excited about having her on the Presidential Ticket as our NEW VP. She is a true breath of fresh air and I admire her for her courage strnght and strong family values. Here is my blog:

Richard said...

The balderdash that passes for news -- especially the drivel fired at Gov. Palin -- compels me to join with the growing army of ordinary Americans who are banning together to embrace true hope for the future. My posts supporting the most prodigious vice presidential pick of my lifetime can be found at

Anonymous said...

FountainsFansFishtanksFries said...

I just posted a blog today in support of Sarah Palin. I am a mom of a special needs child and I believe her first hand experiences will have the biggest impact on Washington, that the special needs community has ever seen. And Cindy McCain has an amazing background working with special people: PLEASE SEE MY BLOG !!
Thanks for your enthusiasm.

Ayrdale said...

...count me in too. I'm ayrdale from A half a world away, but following every move. Sarah Palin has captured the world's imagination, and paired with John McCain will win in November. Check tonights postings and others prior. Note too, that we will be having a change of government the week after the USA...we will then have an administration that is not stifling our country with 70's socialist claptrap. God bless America...

Vern said...

small-l libertarian, will vote for a Republican (either major party) for the first time ever thanks to Palin..

Polly Wise said...

I support the McCain/Palin ticket and you can find my blog at Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!

Simply Stacey said...

I am a Palin supporter. My blog makes that clear. I definately would like to sign up.

Kek said...

Me too! Sign me up, baby:

Updo said...

Palin UPDO

Sarah Palin has proven leadership qualities and great judgment!!!

Sarah is a proven reformer. McCain is a proven reformer.

Washington government is broken because everyone has become increasingly unwilling to support any idea unless their particular party authored it. Everyone is trying to "take the credit" while few are working to help the people.

There is an expression: talk is cheap. It costs you little.

There are two people in this election that have chosen to look for ideas among all people not just those of their own parties. These two people have taken those ideas, developed action plans and made real changes to government that have helped real people.

John McCain has worked with Democrats to champion solutions. He has co-authored bills with even well known Democrats because he is willing to work for the country--instead of just a political party.

McCain has not been a favorite of the Republicans because he has been willing to put his name on proposals and laws with well known Democrats. There are many examples but perhaps the most easily recognized name among them is the name Ted Kennedy.

Obama has no record of working with Republicans. His record is that he is a politician's politician. 130 times in the state senate he voted present instead of yes or no. We need a leader that can make the tough decision--not one that wants to hedge his bets.

Some may still not understand how badly our system is broken. Let me give this one example. As gas prices approached $4.00 a gallon this summer, there was a proposal to allow offshore drilling. Nancy Pelosi, the Democratc leader of the House of Representatives, would not let our government representatives vote on this issue. (As leader of the House, she gets to determine what comes up for a vote.) We have got to have leaders in our country that are more concerned about our country than their party.

Sarah Palin is such a leader. She has worked across party lines--putting Democrats and Independents in her administration in Alaska. She has taken on the corruption in government. Her approval rating in Alaska is 82%. She has the highest governor's approval rating in our country.

If you haven't yet made up your mind, please give the McCain*Palin ticket serious consideration.
I have not been very politically vocal in the past but I believe this election is huge. I believe McCain and Palin will fight to bring about the kind of reform that our government needs.

As women we can show solidarity for Palin by wearing our hair twisted and up like Sarah's until November 4th. As a woman, I am excited to have a woman VP candidate with faith, wisdom and strength. Palin has shown grace and wit under fire.

As women we can show solidarity for Palin by praying for her and wearing our hair twisted and up like Sarah's until November 4th!! If your hair is too short or if that is just "not your thing," each morning as you are "doing" your hair for the day--please pray for God to help Palin to have wisdom, strength and integrity and most of all to be open to His leading and to rely on Him.

Goodbye partisan politics. Hello a new way. Hello a new hairdo. I am planning to wear my hair twisted and up with a hair clasp until November 4th. Join up to show solidarity for a new way to govern!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Updo at 10:56 AM 1 comments
Labels: Wear Your Hair Up
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JustTheFactsMaam said...

When I see the disinformation and vile comments about Sarah Palin and anyone who has the brains and courage to support her, I realize that silence does indeed imply consent and that those of us who can need to speak up, and we must do it now, before it becomes too late. So I started a blog about that today:

An Intolerable Evil

Trent Williams said...

It looks like your hard work has partly paid off. If Governor Palin is elected as Vice President it will be a well deserved victory. Thank you for continuing to post relevant and factual reports on the campaign.

I'm in - here's my blog:

SeaquestVentures said...


There are those of us who refuse to subscribe to the “politics of personal destruction”. We’re also the ones who decry un-founded speculation and destructive conversation. We want the public to recognize soap opera conversation that manipulates their hearts and minds. In that vein, we are submitting our platform and will continue to do so. The goal is to give all that have access to this information the ability to hold it as a standard against the candidates and see who rises to the level of these demands. That is someone who will truly make a difference in the course of our nation. Your friend, your sister in life, Cynthia Metzger aka

Government can’t run anything!

1. End lobbyists’ financial contributions and expand the “lobbying” allowable to private citizens vis-à-vis an internet site on each issue affecting their area or $.

2. Enact/enforce campaign finance reform. (How ‘bout every candidate gets the same dollars—larger amounts for larger offices—and the best person comes out actually being the best!)

3. Consistent support of national security and national defense. Set up a bi-partisan committee to ensure that our defense budget is protected and sufficient for our Country’s defense.

4. Balance the national budget and enact legislation that requires a repayment plan and timetable when our representatives cause borrowing to put us in the red.

5. Pressure the U.N. and it’s nations to be the effective force it was meant to be and enact sanctions when they don’t do their job.

6. Merit-based pay for educators, complete curriculum including arts and social issues, vouchers to ensure quality and choice.

7. Make the legislators pay back what they borrowed from Social Security. As a “patriotic” gesture, the wealthy should not collect Social Security and they should pay into it according to their adjusted net income. Today, they don’t pay into it above a certain dollar amount that’s relatively small. And for those whose assets eliminate a need for Social Security, give them the option of donating it to an acceptable charity and give them a tax incentive for that. Finally, privatize it with fiscally responsible restrictions. Hell’s bells, if Chili can double its Social Security fund, why can’t we?

8. No public assistance for anyone who refuses to provide “drug free” evidence or proof of continual participation in an anti-drug program.

9. Streamline civil/criminal/family law with immediate mediation prior to cumbersome legal manipulations to determine the merit of a case before spending what ends up to be 15 years from filing to winning!

10. Enact the Fair Plan—a flat tax for those who are the spenders.

11. Enforce free trade—uh, say “good-bye” to Nafta?

12. End pork barrel spending—no more irrelevant expenditures in any bill.

13. Eliminate corporate tax loopholes with companies who ship jobs overseas.

14. Eliminate “golden parachutes” in failing companies.

15. Ensure the safety of pensions and health plans in mergers, acquisitions and take-overs. Institute partial plans for part-time workers.

16. Set up a watch-dog agency for Federal departments that don’t enforce our laws.

17. All non-profit organizations that have a tax-free status or that receives public subsidy, shall not use their position, office or entity to promote or contribute for the purpose of political influence and in doing so, will be disqualified using the “3 Strikes” rule.

18. Enact legislation preventing government agencies from donating to political causes. Create accountability for the Senate Banking Committee, the Finance Committee and either fire their Chairmen and/or secure payback.

19. Elimination of the Electoral College.

20. Enact and enforce a multi-faceted alternative energy program with the goal to be completely weaned from OPEC dependence and create a clean environment within the shortest possible time frame.

Since many of us die within two years of retirement, ask Social Security recipients who have no serious obligations to commit to spending a day a week in public service as mediators, counselors or such, preferably within their area of expertise. Nothing like a little involvement to keep the juices flowing.

David L. Young said...

Looking at the coming V.P. debate next week. Sara Palin does not and should not need to claim any extensive experience in foreign policy. History tells us that smart savvy people like Palin can quickly get on board and assume leadership in critical times. Example Harry Truman who was not involved in any effective way prior to assuming the Presidency. She might want to point that out as an example.

Dave Young

Divine Debutante said...

I hope Sarah is ignoring the negativity of the Katie Couric interview. Ms. Couric misquoted Harry Kissinger, looked upon her during most of the interview with a look of disgust, especially when Sarah mentioned the inequities of Obama. I'm not sure Sarah must know how McCain has voted over the past 26 years at this point while Biden must study up on 2 years of voting with 18 months spent campaigning. Governor Palin seems quite capable of getting up to speed on issues of importance. The more important issue is that Sarah and the American People know the character of McCain, even under pressure (Hanoi Hilton). While the jury is out on Obama.

Sarah, come to that debate with great resolve. Expose this Democratic Congress who does very little if anything to better our economy and blames Bush for all that is wrong in this country. Good leadership takes responsibility (Pelosi take note).

Another interesting fact (given by the AP from the debate), Robert Rubin, under the Clinton administration orchestrated the deregulation for Wall Street banks and brokerages. Oh by the way, Robert Rubin is one of Obama's top advisors. Maybe she could talk about that at the debate ;-).

Divine Debutante said...

The article from the AP on Robert Rubin is at:

One final comment on my previous blog; Why didn't Katie Couric ask Sarah Palin her thoughts on Robert Rubin being one of Obama's top advisors in light of Rubin's involvement in the deregulation of Wall Street banks and brokerages? You can be assured if it was the other way around, the question would have been asked.

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm H K Flynn and I have a mostly video blog with a little commentary thrown in. I keep it up to date with the best Mccain Palin videos.

(Real name Jodie Sawyer)

Unknown said...

A group of NJ voters are blogging for Palin at Hope you'll consider giving us some link love, too.

John Kubicek said...

Dear Adam,

I am definitely a blogger for Sarah!

You know, yesterday, I came across that hit piece by that krazy Kathleen Parker, "The Palin Problem". I didn't know what to think about that. I'm glad I didn't immediately write about it, because it wouldn't have been pretty. In stead, I took a long, long break, and tried to figure out how to handle it.

Being that I am a member of an Assembly of God congregation, I knew that Sarah was my Sister, and I wasn't going to do a "Judas" on her. I prayed, and I prayed, and I prayed. God evidently gave me the answers to my situation this morning. So I wrote a piece called "The Parker Problem".

If you check through all my blogs in September 2008, I think you'll see that I AM a Sarah Palin supporter. I hope that you will throw me in on one of your lists; as an endorser, as a Palin Blogger.

My biggest regret is that I didn't know about Sarah sooner, like in 2007!! However, it all worked out great. I found your site here a week before John McCain announced his decision to have as his running mate. (I guess you'll have to check my August archive to verify that.)

The McCain/Palin ticket is MY ticket, come 36 days from now. There's no doubt about that.

I would be out working as a volunteer for her, right now, but I'm already excited about my work as a blogger for Sarah. Between my blogging and my job, there's no time left. But, I do believe that I'm part of the campaign doing what I am doing.

The best way to contact me initially is to click on my contact me logo (Melt My Heart) from my blog, and make sure you do not alter the subject line.

May you continue to receive God's blessings,

JC said...

Drill baby drill!
Get us oil we can afford.
I'm going to link to your blog and I'm praying for you, so congrat's on your past and here's to your future as VP!
God Bless...

Sgeank said...

Oh thank goodness! A support your local/global woman in this case Sarah Palin. For a few searches I was a little terrified to see the teen group hogging, I think Ms. Palin is a wonderful mix of the silent majority. No-Bama scares the daylights out of me - perhaps not in 10 years. But now with so many unanswered birth cert., radical ties etc. I do not think we should hand off top office to him. Nothing has been answered. Maybe Sarah can change what an inexperienced Demo can't!

Rick said...

Palin will make a great VP.
I feel so strongly about it I wrote this:
From an American hero in the lower 48' an urgent call went out to the governor of a far northern state, “Our country needs a great VP, will this position you fill?”
A quick answer came back from the governor of a state known for its Permafrost, “Yes, I will.”

The two stood in unison, one a Vietnam vet, the other a Hockey mom, known for her true grit.

A campaign was raging, one to decide the vote. Would it go to a man of courage, or to one known for his association with those who support violent revolt?

The American people watched as this new VP candidate took the stage, “Who is she, what does she stand for? For our troubled country can she turn a new page?”
Without a moments hesitation Sarah went into battle, challenged by a biased press. After all, they said, “She's a woman and even wears a dress.”

To defeat the accusations, many of them morally sick, she countered with a question, “What's the difference between a Hockey mom and a Pit bull? Lipstick!”

Mainstream media still refused to accept her as a viable VP choice, using lies and innuendos in an attempt to silence her voice.

Her chance to prove them wrong came with a vice-presidential debate. A nation watched with apprehension as she spoke with surety and articulateness, giving intense support to her running mate.

History will reflect how effective she was. However, this much we know we need more Sarah Palins'. Moreover, yes, she has proven Alaska has more to offer than ice and snow.

Written by,
Richard Neal Huffman
Saint Joseph, Michigan, USA.

Sister in Christ said...

Hello Sarah, I'm a Christian and filled with the holy ghost of the doctrine of Christ Gospel.

At this present time I am non-denominational and my concerns are as follows: During your speech in Clearwater, Florida I heard one of the spectators state "Obama is a terrorist, Kill me". As a Christian, You have a responsibility to rebuke this kind of behavior as god has seen favor in you to place you in the position you are in today.

Please be mindful of this and don't misjudge god's grace. Although you are Obama's opposition in this campaign, as a Christian we are still brothers and sisters in Christ. Please fall on bended knee to seek the holy spirit for your guidance and not subject yourself to ambitious and emotional decisions.

We are trying to promote unity amongst the American people to include Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Blacks, Whites, Middle class, Poor, Hockey Moms, Football Dads, etc. Based on this, you have a responsibility as being chosen by god, to fulfill this call to unity. Please refrain from the dirty politics as and conduct yourself as the Christian you claim to be. Please remember that the 12 disciples were not people of high moral or social character and in many ways were considered social outlaws. Please do what Christ would do. I will be praying for you and don't let anyone compromise your relationship with GOD.

Sister in Christ


I just found your blog. I am the father of a 2 year old who thinks Sarah Palin hung the moon. We also like John McCain. Our prayer is that God will once again bless the USA with another God Fearing/Christian Centered President and Vice President who has the christian principals this country was founded on at heart. Like I said at the begining, I have a small child that I want the very best for. Sign us up for the endorsement of McCain/Palin 2008. Here's our blog God Bless America Again with these two as leaders.

becky bell said...

I want to join in!

Unknown said...

A Canadian Columnist said that the supporters of Governor Palin are the white trash vote.

You don't know how angry that made me.

So be it then. I don't care anymore what they call me.

JR said...

Governor Palin represents the future of the Republican party ... she has done an awesome job of giving the McCain campaign some life in this election!

Scholar said...

Adam, thank you for introducing the blogosphere to Sarah. How awesome that our longshot dream, for Sarah to run for VP, was realized the night she accepted the nomination in Saint Paul, and how ironic that it was the "moderate" Republican McCain who ultimately made it possible.

Please add me to your blogroll.


Matt Abe
North Star Liberty blog

CEO - said...

I am A.J. Ozolins from the State of Texas and my blog is Until the election was over I had posted many campaign issues, documents, videos, and articles backing and supporting the McCain/Palin Republican Ticket.

Since the evening Sen. John McCain introduced his running mate, the Gov. of Alaska Sarah Palin, I had viewed many her campaign speeches and TV interviews.

I admire her for her intelligence and common sense, which many politicians are not blessed with.

Many only have the ability to look into their own wallets and purses and forgot how they got into the Office they hold.

I believe all this post election publicity of Gov. Sarah Palin is demeaning and ridiculous!

She did not lose this election for the Republican Party, but kept it afloat for the majority of its time after her introduction as the Republican Vice Presidential Running Mate of Sen. McCain.

This woman should have been the Presidential Candidate, and not John McCain. Never once did I hear Sen. McCain express any views which would attrack the ears of the American Voter, other than, "America is first, a change is coming, and he would make public knowledge of the 'Pork Belly Rollers on Capitol Hill'.

Well, he did emphasize some on more drilling of our own oil wells and basically for the most part critisized his opponent, our President-Elect Barack Obama about his views and policies.

The sad part of Sen. McCain's campaign was that he did not voice more of his own views and that is what the Amereican Public needed to hear! John McCain lost his own election for the Oval Office by not telling the American Community what they were interested, wanted to, and needed to hear.

I feel it would be a loss to The United States of Amereica and a shame if Gov. Sarah Palin does not consider making herself a Republican Presidential Candidate Nominee for the 2012 National Election.

These are my personal views and opinions and I would hope that this comment can find its way to Gov. Palins attention.

Any follow up comments directly to my opionions may be submitted on my Blog site at:
under responding to "Forwarded Responce to the Sara Palin Issue!"


Selling Stuff said...


I woke this morning thinking about all that you’ve been through over the past couple of months and I also woke thinking about all that King David went through. My heart and mind are flooded with so many thoughts but I know you are a very busy lady so I will keep it to the point.

You did an incredible job running as VP and had you not come on board I don’t know what I would have done. My heart was not in this campaign until you joined the ticket. I always chose my candidate with pro-life conviction, as choosing a candidate who is pro-life lines up with my values. Yes, I would have voted for John McCain but as I mentioned, my heart was not in it until you came on board.

I just wanted to write to encourage you. I am praying that God will give you much clarity now that you have been through the fire. I’m not suggesting the fire is at all over, I’m just saying that you are surly in the refining stages. I also wanted to assure you that if you are at all considering running for President in 2012 for this great United States of America…. YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT! You are what this country needs; it is asleep and so many have a veil over their eyes. When God chose King David he was a young boy who had to go through much before becoming King. Saul and others wanted him dead, he was kicked when he was down… BUT God’s call was on King David…. a man after God’s own heart.

Well, if there is one thing I learned about you during this election is that you Sarah, are a woman after God’s own heart. Be encouraged; stay expectant during the times of persecution. You love God Sarah and He loves you…. keep your eyes on the prize, finish the race God has put before you. So many of us love you, so many of us are ready for the CHANGE that God will bring forth through someone who is willing and able to take on the Giants of today.

Lots of love to you and yours,
Forever praying,
Christine Stickelmeyer

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is a natural choice for 2012. Remember, name recognition is half(or more)of the battle when running in a national campaign. She resonates with main street in a big way. With the right handlers and a couple of years cramming, she can make an astounding run. I think she will try to get in the senate for the experience and access to information on the national level.

Reaganite Independent said...

I already e-mailed this today, so pardon me if you've already seen it.

Congratulations are due for your inclusion in the LoC archives, you surely deserve it... and the cause was just!

I publish a Reaganite Republican blog that has garnered some attention in GOP circles, with a recent front-page feature on Michael Savage's website, and readers in the US State Dept., Navy Information Service, Army IS, et. al. Interestingly, I receive interest weekly from Wasila and other Alaska IP addresses.

I recently did a well-received piece on the possibilities and benefits of a "Palin/Jindal 2012" GOP Presidental ticket... of which I would like you to be aware.

Kind Regards,


poll_guru said...

I am a Virginia blogger that has just set up a website
to help her candidacy for 2012. You can see blog posts in support of her at that URL. I hope you'll add me to your blogroll and I will do the same for you. Let's get Sarah elected president!

news_guru (blogger name)

Broadwaykewpie said...

Here's my blog I just recently came back to. I hope to blog a couple times a week, but I'm a busy person so we'll see. But never too busy to verbally support Sarah - esp in NYC