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Monday, March 12, 2007

What this site is all about.

Since getting noticed by the Anchorage Daily News and a few other blogs, I have gotten some interesting comments. One from an Alaskan who seemed to take offense that an outsider was attempting to comment on a political figure from their state, and another saying that this site was nothing more than an attempt to get attention for myself. However, no one actually bothered to consider my basic premise - that Gov. Palin would make a stellar candidate for national office. If you disagree with me, that's fine, but let's have a dialogue concerning my suggestions (more details on my reasoning now available by clicking the "Why Sarah Palin?" link to your right) .

Yes, I know that the idea of Sarah Palin being Vice-President sounds a little off-the-wall at first, but is it really all that bad of an idea? I think not. If I had not truly believed that Gov. Palin would be a tremendous national leader, I would not have started this blog. Furthermore, most people who I told about my idea agreed that Palin would be a good candidate on the national scene. Only now, with a little more exposure from various (non-Republican) sources, am I starting to get negative feedback. So, I will stick by my assertion that Sarah Palin would be a good choice for the Republican Party in 2008. I extend a warm welcome to my new visitors, Alaskan or otherwise, and welcome civil, informed dialogue on Gov. Palin as a potential candidate for national office.

Coming soon: Coverage of Governor Palin's activities in Alaska, including the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA), her new proposal to build a massive natural gas pipeline in Alaska.


JB said...

As I'm planning to move to Alaska when I finish university, I was quite intrigued by your idea. While Palin seems a bit inexperienced, I'm impressed enough by her positions to overlook that. And the twinge of libertarianism and frontier mentality that Alaskans tend to put into their particular brand of Republicanism suits me just fine.

Unknown said...

This guy is a genius. Palin would make a great VP candidate. A governor from the west is exactly what this country needs to run the country in either the President role or VP role. Bravo on a great blog.