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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Dreaded Post About Gov. Palin's Looks

As I said yesterday, I generally avoid the subject of Sarah Palin's looks like the proverbial plague. However, while I was watching KTUU's excellent news report about the Palin Movement on Friday, I realized that I was going to have to talk about the issue.

Many bloggers who support Sarah Palin (and a number that don't) often refer to her using words such as "hot" or "gorgeous". Now, I have no intention of telling others how to run their blogs, and if they think that mentioning the subject will benefit Gov. Palin, then more power to them. However, I will not do so and I feel a need to make that fact clear along with the reason behind it.

I do not dispute that the governor is photogenic and that good looks are always helpful to a candidate for office (which is as true for men like Mitt Romney and John Edwards as it is for Gov. Palin). One of our supporters, Sanity102, has rightly asserted that Palin's photo-friendly face, combined with her spunky personality and her equally camera-ready husband and family, would make her a dream candidate from a pure marketing standpoint. That said, I think that support for a candidate should be based primarily on the substance of that person's views and their leadership abilities. Anything beyond those two points is, to me, icing on the cake and not worth devoting a lot of attention to.

I strive very hard to maintain the credibility of the Palin Movement, because our idea is so outside-the-box that it could be easily dismissed if the main bloggers promoting it were anything less than professional at all times. Gov. Palin's appearance is irrelevant to me, and I think that mentioning it too often can cheapen the tone of the discussion about her political future.

This is a serious blog, and I intend to keep it serious. Hence, my policy is to talk about Sarah Palin's photogenic qualities only to the point where they are politically relevant, which means little or never. The rest of the blogosphere can stand where it wants and I won't hold it against them. But just for the record, that is where I stand.


D.Roman said...

I feel the same way, great post.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Adam, D. Roman is absolutely correct, and so are you, and (not coincidentally) so am I. On the other hand, the media is what the media is, and Sanity is right that this is a highly marketable candidate. One reason JFK (gosh, I feel old) beat Nixon was that the guy from Massachusetts looked great while RMN looked like the guy whose face at the front door scared your youngest daughter. I did like it when Les Kinsolving (my generation) mentioned that Sarah AND Hillary Clinton were both good looking. I'll go this far: much as I disagree with HRC on things, Les is right. As I've gotten up in age, I have attempted to avoid as much as possible "old goatism." You know what, Adam, for 20-years-old you are a serious young man. That's good.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

One more comment: at one point, my friend and political ally, Diana Lynn Irey, who is about Sarah's age (oops, sorry Diana) was described by Rush Limbaugh as a "babe." Sean Hannity asked Diana what her response was to that. She said, "Well, my teenagers (boy and girl) thought it was hilarious." Check for yourself at :-)


Anonymous said...

F***K you! Sarah Palin doesn't know shit about ANYTHING resemblance Washington politics or foreign policy or any policy of running a country as big and powerful as United States of America.

The ONLY good thing Sarah Palin gives McCain is that she is a HOT BABE and is VERY PHOTOGENIC and some stupid, superficial horny men will vote for her(although she is not running for president but for vicepresident).Also it takes the spotlight from McCain because he is old, ugly and a white dude.

Sarah looks like a MILF model, someone taken out of Vogue magazine an actually looks younger, like 30something.

I really like Sarah but is just for her looks!