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Friday, August 31, 2007

A testimonial

My last post contained a lot of photos taken by Tricia Ward of Dillingham, AK ( I also asked Tricia for her permission to post a portion of her email discussion with me, as I think that her experiences with the Governor illustrate the type of person and leader that Governor Palin is. So, without further ado, here is the story behind the photos in my last entry (comments inside brackets are added by me as explanations).

"What happened was the Palins came in for Dillingham's first wild fish festival, and while meeting with the locals at the boat harbor, I asked her if I could give her a tour of the UAF Bristol Bay campus with the director, Debbie Mclean-Nelson. The Palins didn't have any real set schedule and she was more than happy to have me (along with Debbie and a few other local students) show her our new facilities. I had promised Apayo [local mural creator Apayo Moore] that I'd try to get her to paint a tile [for the mural], so i asked her if she wanted to take part in a community art project happening at the high school. Of course she was stoked, so we continued our walk up to the high school. Piper really had a good time painting, she didn't want to leave! But yeah, sarah is a very nice woman, i was impressed with her willingness to listen to everyone ask her questions. I was also impressed that she was willing to let some random student/wannabe photojournalist drag her around for a couple hours...Sarah said the time she spent at the campus and the school painting is what she appreciated the most about her trip to Dillingham because she usually doesn't get to see that side of the local life."


Stephen R. Maloney said...

Adam, at some point -- well, I have no spare time, so goodness knows when it would be -- I'd like to begin a short, very good book about Sarah Heath Palin. I'd like to work with others, including Trish at Palintology and, if she wishes to, Ms. Ward, who did the superb photographs. I'm thinking of a book of about 200 pages (about one-third of them would be photographs). Usually, 200 pages is about 60,000 words, but with a lot of pics it would be less than that (48,000?). At some point -- 2012? 2016? 2020? -- Gov. Palin is going to be POTUS (as we say in the acronym business) For a national figure, which you and others along with her great personality and character have made her, she has an absolutely fascinating life. As I'm thinking of it now, most of the money from the book would go to charities of her choice, perhaps Native Alaskan charities. I would do it for expenses, which would be low -- mostly involving travel to Alaska and perhaps one RGA event trip in our beloved lower-48.

I hope all of our Palin People will keep this in mind and send me any material that casts light on this remarkable woman.

Please let young Ms. Ward know if you think it would be a good idea. I'll pass it along to the "other Trish."

steve maloney

David & Lydia Bower said...
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David & Lydia Bower said...

I am running for Soldotna City Coucil on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska and had the pleasure of meeting Gov. Palin when she was in town to sign a bill. Check out my Myspace site and click on pics to see us together. It was a HUGE treat to meet her and to get such a great photo.