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Thursday, August 16, 2007

We're Front Page News!

On the heels of Les Kinsolving's endorsement yesterday, the Palin for VP movement has now become a front page story at the Anchorage Daily News' website....I guess that means that we are now being taken seriously.

Since we happen to be getting a lot of traffic today, I figured that this would also be a good time to open the Palin for VP Facebook Group. If you're on Facebook, then you need to stop by and join....and if you're not on Facebook, get an account and THEN join.

One last note, the Facebook group was created by an "Adam Brickley" who attends the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Yes, that is me; and yes, that is my real name. There comes a point where blogger anonymity creates more problems than it avoids, and this blogger passed that point a long time ago.

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