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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Les Kinsolving Plugs Palin for VP!

This morning, WorldNetDaily's White House Correspondent, Les Kinsolving, wrote a glowing piece about Governor Palin as a potential candidate Vice President. "2008, in Minneapolis, could be vice-presidentially electrifying ," he says, "if they choose Alaska's gorgeous and gutsy governor". Mr. Kinsolving also notes that Palin would be "an absolutely devastating addition to the GOP ticket – particularly if the Democrats nominate Hillary."

Les Kinsolving is a two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, the only member of the White house Press Corps to host a radio talk show, and has been ranked in Talkers Magazine's Top 100 talk show hosts for seven years running.

Kinsolving is, by far, the most prominent individual in the media to mention Gov. Palin as a viable VP option in 2008.


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