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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More Great Pics

These pictures of Gov. Palin were referred to me by a supporter in Dillingham, Alaska. They were all taken by Tricia Ward during the Governor's recent visit to Dillingham.

Many thanks to Mrs. Ward for granting us permission to post her photos, you can find more of her work online at

Gov. Palin meets Alaska's 2007 Teacher of the Year, Ina Bouker

More of the Palins with Ina Bouker

The Governor paints a tile for Dillingham's new mural with daughter Piper (right). The woman at left is Apayo Moore, the creator of the mural.

The Governor with State Troopers.

The Governor with local kids.

Again, Thanks to Tricia Ward for allowing me to put up these wonderful photos, which I think help illustrate the "down to earth" qualities that endear Gov. Palin to those of us who want her in national office.

Tomorrow will be a big day, as Gov. Palin will be holding a press conference regarding the state-owned Matanuska Maid Dairy and it's impending sale.


The Alien-Ate-A Moose said...
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The Alien-Ate-A Moose said...

Awesome pictures -- Thank you Todd, Sarah & Piper for spending the day here. Alaska's fortunate to have Sarah Palin at the helm!

Cindy Roque, Dillingham

Anonymous said...

It shocks me that Sarah Palin is billed as "progressive" by the National Media when she blatantly disregards the wishes of the majority of Alaskans when it comes to decisions about wildlife. The majority of Alaskans do not support the sport hunting of habituated bears in Katmai National Park, yet Palin supports their hunting, and even posed next to a dead bear in ADN during the controversy. Even sport hunters are opposed to shooting habituated bears. Palin's attachment to shooting wildlife, even when the majority of Alaskans disagree, makes me wonder what kind of pay offs she is getting! Don't be fooled, she is just as bad as her crooked predecessors!

Sarah Palin supports wildlife policies that are junk science, like shooting predators to boost moose populations. It is just plain ignorant to insist that predators hurt prey species, since decades of biological research has proven otherwise. Palin is an ignorant choice of VP, and this website is a joke.

-Alaskan resident who can't stand our governor!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon,
If you hate Palin so much, and you hate hunting so much, why not LEAVE. We do NOT want you here in Ak. Move to the bay area and save the redwoods or something. YOU SUCK. We want you to leave. We hate your type up here. How`s it feel to know 99% of your neighbors HATE you more than they hate Bush or Cheney?
Please go away

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous on Feb 26th -

Try speaking for yourself.

Not all Alaskans are card-carrying republicans and members of the NRA, you know. And by the way, just because a person disagrees with a particular hunting regulation doesn't mean they're anti-hunting. The people in this state are indepedent thinkers... something you should respect, not condemn. Please don't lump us all in to your small-minded way of thinking. You and your friends do not equal 99% of Alaska, I can guarantee it.

- Wasilla Woman

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

she is just HOT!

That is all there is to it!


prettybunny said...

Not surprised that Senator McCain would select a prior "beauty pageant contestant", a prior T.V. Sports announcer, a Hockey Mom.

However, McCain has just escorted the "attractive" INDEPENDENT WOMEN VOTERS right into the arms of the Democrats. Understand that Senator McCain just reintroduced "the world of women in the 1960s and 1970s). Yes, we PRETTY VOTERS have studied the discriminatory treatment of women during the 60s and 70s...aka: John McCain's world.

Nick Gaynor said...

Being from Pennsylvania and a conservative and reluctant McCain supporter, I am delighted with his pick of Sarah Palin. I think she is brilliant. Ex Hillary voters, why don't you listen to her for a while before saying she's no good. You'll be pleasantly surprised. I think its a great choice for VP.

Todd Charsle said...

Amazing woman! Down to earth. Fights for people, cares about america, mom to 5 kids including her youngest with down syndrum. WOW could America be any luckier to have this choice for VP! She's more qualifed than obama!

- Todd Charske

Mike Flagg said...

I adore this choice of the "maverick's" choice for VP.
The only other choice to have solidified a Obama/Biden win would have been the turncoat Joe "Benedict" Leiberman.
Let's all get behind the candidate who is 22 years older than Alaska itself running with a woman who can't even get even behind a rape and incest clause when it comes to abortions and has been Governor for what. all of 25 minutes? Now, I understand that GW Bush lowered the bar, no wait, Karl Rove stole the bar and shoved it up Gore and Kerry's ass. There is no longer any bar when it comes to acceptability for running for President. Thanks George.

Todd Charske said...

go Sarah!

Todd Charske

Allen said...

Mike Flagg's comments are hillarious. Sarah has accomplished much more for the people of AK in her short term as governor than Obama has done for anyone in his 3-1/2 years in the Senate. Obama has spent more time on the campaign trail than he has in the Senate chambers in those short 3-1/2 years. Talk is cheap and that's all that Obama is; as someone once said, "He says nothing better than anyone else has for a long time."

mayorgigi said...

BRAVO!!! We need a no nonsense person . I love how she sold the jet, it is useless spending. I love she is an NRA member and if she sticks to what she says, my vote is all hers

Shirl said...

The Mac-Attack and Sara-cudda definitely have my vote. Why waste your vote on a south Chicago thug?

Richard Stuart said...

I am a registered INDEPENDENT from Maryland, a decidedly Democratic State, but I got to tell you, Sarah Palin definitely makes the difference for me. Her head is screwed on straight, her judgement is sound, her priorities are right! Anyone that can take on the establishment, clean out the corruption, and sell the state jet demonstrates she places her constituants first. She is a quick study, assess the situation and take the right action. This is a clear demonstrate of the CHANGE we need!
Richard Stuart

jlow said...

I grew up in Alaska, and I think it is a country away from ours. I don't know Palin, but this state seems to be in a good state. Kudos to her achievements. Now...on to my country. How is she qualified? If McCain passes on (and I don't wish this by any means) where are we at? Is this leader of our country ready to take on the responsibilities of leading the greatest country in the free world? This is not a "country" state. We need someone who is infinitely strong and wise. Where is her experience here? You can't run the country like you ran the state of Alaska. Be extremely careful here, folks. I love our great state, but our influence as a country is at great stake.

Johnny said...

Thanks for the pictures Adam!!

Here are some more pictures of Sarah Palin

Richard Stuart said...

jlow, while I take your point. I personally feel:
I am not so concerned about McCain, I will be 72 in Feb2009, I am still working - travel the world for international communications standard. I just signed up for 4 more years of this. If you are health and McCain certainly seems to be, it is not a problem. Second, Palin is clearly an inate leader. She has more exec experience then any of the candidates. I would rather see her face down Puttin, or Iran etc. etc. rather then even Obama. Third for me, 20 years of Wright, and the several obvious slips of him and his wife, bare this influence. He is a politician first and a part of the machine. That is not change. McCain and Palin for me are basic independents in the Republican Party. They say what they think! That is CHANGE!

John Frost, Sr. said...

Thank God for Sarah Palin!! Finally, a no nonsense lady who is courageous to stand up to the best of them, male or female. The U.S. does't need anymore wimpy leftist that can't make a statement without fear of who might disagree.
We have the ticket now! Go McCain and Palin:) The next President and Vice President of the United States!

Southern Patriot said...

I am so excited about this woman! I'm from the South, live in a small town, understand the values and sometimes question the leadership...but they always listened. I've lived many places, big cities (Atlanta, Charleston, Jacksonville, Greenville, Tacoma) and many small towns. I prefer town life...Family, Faith, Accountability, Neighors helping each other, Caring for those less fortunate...without government assistance! A place where you don't "walk on eggshells" and breathe a sigh of relief when you enter the town limits from a crazy day at work in the big city. That's my life and I love it. I love my country and though change is needed for all of the reasons stated during the conventions, I need those in authority to reason out those changes and not just change for the sake of changing. This ticket is the most likely to do that between the two offered. Am I worried that something could happen to McCain and Palin would have to step in...absolutely not. There are many in government to help guide and teach but there must be someone willing to listen to all sides and finally give an informed, thougtful decision...that's John and Sarah. I truly believe this and am excited for the future of our country.

bobob said...

"The Mac-Attack and Sara-cudda definitely have my vote. Why waste your vote on a south Chicago thug?"

I agree totally.
GO Sarah!!!
Don't let Washington change you!!
You Change Them, what ever it takes.
Kick their ass out.
Nobama is just another 'Mayor Daley Trained' criminal, designed to use the people.
And all the little Drones that dance to this Piper are gutless victims who have the emotional maturity of a 10 year old.