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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Palin for VP on TV!

This story aired Saturday on KTUU, Anchorage's NBC affiliate. It features quotes from both myself and a Palin spokesperson. For the record, I do not expect Gov. Palin to ever openly embrace what I am attempting to do here. Her focus as Governor should be on Alaska and the solutions to that state's problems, and she had no reason to express interest in an office for which she is not yet running (that would be very bad politics). My goal is to convince Republicans that it is in their (and the country's) best interest to BEG her to join the national ticket in 2008.

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Stephen R. Maloney said...

Dear Adam: You did a great job on KTUU-TV and it in turn did a fine job describing the Draft Palin effort. As for Jill Burke, the anchor, she's a beautiful woman, which is a state obviously full of attractive females (including Trish and Sarah). If they're typical, look for the state's population to double in the next few years.