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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

News Video: Palin's popularity a "phenomenon"

This story aired yesterday on KTUU, Anchorage's NBC affiliate, and it's brilliant. I particularly liked the fact that the term "crushing" was used to describe what Gov. Palin is doing to her opponents in the CQ "VP Madness" poll. The McCain campaign should note that Palin remains the most popular politician in the country, with approval ratings well over 80%, and that these numbers are totally unaffected by the many polarizing issues that the governor has confronted. It takes a very special leader to generate such a "phenomenon"

Click here to watch.


Bob said...

A very interesting story and very well done by your local TV news team.
More to the point, it gives us non-Alaskans a look inside your state - and illustrates why Gover Palin is worthy of that 80%+ approval rating.
I just hope the McCain folks are taking a long hard look at her. If not, come 2012 I would love to see Sarah and Bobby Jindel represent the new (young) face of the GOP.

Matthew said...

Thank you for posting this video. Could you, by any chance, set it up so that it doesn't start up every time I check this website?

ElephantMan said...


The embed code on this video was very difficult to work with, so I couldn't rig it to not play automatically.

The video will be replaced with a link to the video when the next post goes up.

Matthew said...

Okay, thanks for the response.