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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Conservative praise, leftist fear, and another big poll

The pro-Palin news just won't stop coming in. Based on the stories listed below, along with the ones listed in the previous post, I think that it is now safe to declare that the "Palin Revolution" has officially begun.


Jonah Goldberg plugs Palin as a potential VP at National Review's "The Corner"

Ross Douthat does the same for The Atlantic.

I'm also hearing that Rush Limbaugh dropped Palin's name today (my hit count skyrocketed, so I believe it).


Chris Kelly sounds the alarm in an apoplectic, poorly researched diatribe for the Huffington Post.

DailyKos poster "Thatcher" figures out the Dems are utterly unprepared to face a McCain-Palin ticket. (May 23)


MSNBC has posted it's own version of "VP Madness". With over 45,000 votes already cast, this poll is too big for anyone to hijack, and Palin leads Rob Portman in Round One (presumptive Round Two opponent: Sen. John Thune). Palin-Portman was listed as one of the marquee matchups in the first round by hosts David Gregory and Chuck Todd , with Todd declaring ""Don't be surprised if [Palin]'s got some grassroots movement". Todd also compared Gov. Palin to the basketball team from Davidson College (the Cinderella story of this year's March Madness). I don't know much about Chuck Todd, but right now I like him a lot.


Anonymous said...

Michael Medved's first hour today was on the subject of McCain's possible VEEPs wherein Medved had been touting Jindal as the best choice and then opened up for calls. The very first caller pointed out the advanages of Palin (over Jindal) citing the disenfranchised female Hillary voters and energy/oil situation. For whatever reason Medved had decided on Jindal (his online column seemed to summarily dismiss Palin as inexperienced, with which the caller took issue, and recall that Medved was earlier out there for Huckabee in the POTUS primaries). Significantly, however, at the call's end and later in further discussion with a bit more detail, Medved acknowledged and specificically reiterated Palin as an excellent (I believe "exciting") choice.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the effort! I'm a life-long Democrat who voted for Hillary and if McCain picks Palin not only will I vote for him, but contribute too.