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Monday, May 26, 2008

A weekend to remember.

It's been crazy trying to keep up with all of the news surrounding Gov. Palin in the last few days, especially as my offline life has been extremely busy. So, I figured that a recap of the highlights would be more convenient for you than detailed descriptions. There has also been a lot of buzz in the blogosphere; too much to list here, in fact. But you'll get the idea if you go to Google Blogsearch and enter "Sarah Palin".


Columnist Nat Hentoff (Washington Times, Jewish World Review)

FullosseousFlap's Dental Blog

Darvio Morrow at "Associated Content"


Michael Goldfarb of The Weekly Standard ("on the Palin bandwagon" for the VP slot)

Michelle Malkin (regarding polar bear lawsuit, "You go , girl.")

Hugh Hewitt (Also on polar bear lawsuit, "Bravo")

National Review's environmental blog, "Planet Gore" ("Planet Gore may just have to endorse Sarah Palin as its choice for McCain's running mate"...I'm playing it safe by not labeling that as an endorsement)

Mark Steyn (at National Review's "The Corner")

Kathyrn Jean Lopez (Also at "The Corner)

Kirby Wilbur, guest host on "The Sean Hannity Show" (unconfirmed)

The Rush Limbaugh Program (a caller...not Rush himself)


Palin vetoes $268 MILLION in wasteful spending! (10% of the total capital budget...good work, Governor!)


Ted said...

To confirm, yes I did hear Kirby Wilbur, guest host on "The Sean Hannity Show" specifically mention Sarah Palin. (I believe his guest on the phone onair at the time was John Fund who mentiond to Wilbur some McCain VP prospects without mentioning Palin albeit the qualifications being described perfectly fit Palin -- so then in closing the discussion, Kirby Wilbur raised the name of Sarah Palin.)

Ted said...

Limbaugh mentioned Palin's name during mid-show today during a discussion of others commenting on McCain's VP possibilities. While I believe Limbaugh sees the obvious wisdom of a Palin pick (based on a discussion of his a month or more back), I believe he's aware he walks a fine line there. He got her name out there, but won't push, knowing potential swing voters don't like what he says.

ElephantMan said...

Great to hear, I have a lot of respect for both Kirby and Rush.

El Rushbo was one of the people who helped catapult our movement to prominence a few months ago, and we are very grateful to him.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Wilbur at last year's Young America's Foundation National Conservative Student Conference, and he's a great guy. He was the one who stayed up late on the last night to facilitate a big "bull session" for those of us who were still willing to talk politics after a whole week of lectures.

Kristofer said...

I honestly believe Gov. Palin's standing with Conservatives jumped significantly (see Adam's Blog postings), when she filed suit against the Bush administration over Polar Bears.

Palin reminds me of McCain. Does not care who the President is, she does what she believes is correct.

Anonymous said...

let's get busy!

Anonymous said...


it's vintage, duh said...

Jonah Goldberg posted something about Palin for Veep today on The Corner. (The link is at my blog, I'm at work and I'm trying to type without being seen or I'd take the time to link.)

Carson said... is having a veep madness. Vote For Sarah!

Ted said...

On the MSNBC GOP Veepstakes Poll, surely go and vote and tell others to do the same, but remember 3 things (albeit this is speculation and I hope I'm wrong here): (1) MSNBC is the mouth organ for Obama and the Dems, so their likely knowing that Palin is McCain's best pick means watch out for 'results', (2) Huckabee people (Huck's army) en masse have hijacked at least 2 previous polls including the CQ VP Madness Poll's skewed final match against Palin after their "documented" concerns of Palin's early lead, (3) MSNBC's knowing that Huckabee is probably McCain's WEAKEST VP pick for the General Election, could, dovetail with Huck's Army's effort -- so really watch out for 'results'.

Again, I hope things are done fairly, but this is just a precautionary advisory.

In any case, GO SARAH! Vote for Sarah!

Anonymous said...

A conservative female candidate with pro-life and pro-gun credentials? A fiscal conservative with a reputation for ethical behavior? She SOLD the state jet? And she's cute as a bug, too? How can we go wrong?