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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Great column by Jean Avery

You've probably heard all of my arguments for a Palin candidacy by now, so I figured that it would be refreshing to post somebody else's for once. Jean Avery of Moms for McCain recently wrote a very good column on the subject (reposted over at McCainNow), and I think that you should read it. It's one of the best pro-Palin pieces that I have read, and it eloquently sums up some of the key ideals of our movement.

Click here to read.


Anonymous said...

Check this out:--

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Anonymous said...

And here's the kind of response I've been getting back re Palin NOW (not later):

Hasslington said...
"Ted, good thoughts. I'm an Obama supporter, but if I were a McCain strategist, I would tell him to pick his running mate quite soon (which is what you're suggesting).

Governor Palin would be the strongest "early" pick, as she is a "two-fer" of sorts--young and female. It would generate excitement in the G.O.P. (and excitement is what the G.O.P. needs badly). She is also a very capable chief executive, of course, and a rising star with conservatives, both of which are also electorally important....

If Senator McCain takes a "wait-and-see" approach and still selects Governor Palin a few months from now, he may (I emphasize "may") look as though he's trying to counterbalance a possible Obama running mate selection. (This may force him to select someone else to avoid looking crass and overly-calculating.)

If he waits and selects someone else, he may miss out on what she might bring to the ticket.

So if I were involved in his campaign, I (like you) would be urging him to select her as his running mate, and do so sometime in the next two weeks."

Friday, May 30, 2008