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Monday, May 19, 2008


Gov. Palin is now just one victory away from WINNING CQ Politics' "VP Madness"! She beat out Rob Portman in the Final Four by a vote of 56%-43%, advancing to a final confrontation with Mike Huckabee.

I'm very confident in the chances of a Palin victory, but the presidential primaries proved that underestimating Mike Huckabee is a huge mistake. So, let's make sure that we give our favorite governor as much help as we possibly can.

PLEASE let as many people as you can know about this poll. Post it on your blog, email your friends, write a note on your Facebook profile, anything to help push Gov. Palin over the top. Win or lose, VP Madness has been a major victory for our movement, but a win here could permanently catapult Sarah Palin into the top tier of the top tier of the veepstakes (at least as far as the media is concerned).



ted said...

With Huckabee taking the lead on Tuesday (5/20) mid-day, for me, at least, there's some irony in a Palin-Huckabee match-up (and I think I'm not alone). That is, of all the original 32 listed candidates, Huckabee is (for me as a lifelong Conservative-GOPer originally not too thrilled with McCain) the worst, making it very very very difficult to vote for McCain (albeit vs. Obama I'd end up voting for McCain). On the other hand, of all 32, Sarah Palin was/is the absoulte best of all -- for so many reasons I need not list here -- actually making me more than excited about voting McCain in a McCain/Palin ticket (and, again, I think I'm not alone).

Also, ironically, McCain/Huckabee is of the 32 combos the least likely to win in November whereas, McCain/Palin (as the new face of the Republican party) is the most likely to win.

I'm hoping -- because a currently troubled GOP needs -- for Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be on the ticket. Please get out the vote for Sarah!

P.S. Palin is the one GOP-VP choice the Dems fear the most, I'm certain of that.

Ted said...

Don't lose faith if Sarah Palin loses to Huckabee in the final round. She's still a winner! And, knowing that Palin is the VP choice the Dems fear the most (whereas Huckabee is the VP choice the Dems would want to run against the most), there may be som crossover Dems voting for Huckabee here.

Anonymous said...

Not doing so well at the moment. Granted, it is only the first day. But go Palin!

Ted said...

Hey, what gives? Huckabee currently trouncing Palin in the VP madness poll. Something is fishy. It's a no brainer that Palin will ATTRACT the disaffected Hillary voters while Huckabee will REPEL them. Doesn't the GOP want to win?

Ted said...

Excellent piece on behalf of Governor Palin as McCain's VP from 5/21/08 Jewish World Review:

ted said...

Heard caller to Rush Limbaugh Show (mid 2nd hour 5/21/08) discuss the merits of Sarah Palin as McCain's VP choice to pick up disaffected (angry) female Hillary voters if Obama (not Hillary) is their Dem nominee.

K-Lo said...

Huckabee won the votes, but Palin won the tourney.