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Monday, May 12, 2008

VP Madness: The "Elite Eight"

Governor Palin has advanced to Round 3 in Congressional Quarterly's "VP Madness" after eliminating Senator Sam Brownback! Now, she must face off against Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to earn a spot in the Final Four.

I am very pleased with this matchup, as Palin and Jindal are often mentioned together as the future stars of GOP. Hence, a victory in this head-to-head matchup could help cement Sarah Palin's status as the brightest young star in the Republican firmament. This round only last until Friday, so let's get to work and push our favorite governor into the Final Four!


Anonymous said...

I continue to wait for the MSM to pick-up on the large and diverse support Sarah Palin receives in the virtual world. Where is Time, Newsweek, WSJ, Forbes, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc...

Anonymous said...

I like her record as Gov and think she would bring proper "Change" to the country