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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gov. Palin expecting!

For those of you who aren't in Alaska and haven't heard yet, Gov. Palin announced today that she is seven months pregnant with her fifth child (how she hid it for that long is beyond me). We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to the Palin family.

What this means for our movement: Gov. Palin is due in May, meaning that the littlest Palin will likely be two months old by the time Sen. McCain makes VP choice (traditionally these things are done in around July, especially considering the Democrats' drawn-out primary). Obviously we will be watching this situation very closely, but as of now there are no plans to change our operations in any way.


daltonsbriefs said...

Congratulations to Governor Palin and her family!

By the way, she just got a plug from Jason lewis on the Rush Limbaugh show a few minutes ago.

Anonymous said...

The Governor's pregnancy only adds to her status as a potential McCain running mate.

We've got to respect how she wants to manage her family -- We can't be pro-family and pro-life and then pressure her to make a decision that cuts into her mother-baby bonding time.

Having said all that, she already is in about the 98th percentile of American women for experience in juggling family-work responsilities. A good guess is that she's already figured out how to handle a national campaign on top of everything else.

If so, it's hard to imagine a more compelling story-line for ANY national candidate. Being a tortued POW, community organizer and a besieged First Lady -- These are all "heroic" in some way. But who among us can really identify with these struggles?

But the Sarah Palin narrative will get into the pressures of raising a young family while pursuing a career, something almost every family can identify with. Sarah Palin is very publicly living out a "having it all" dream that many young women want, but are told they can't have.

The McCain-Palin ticket will generate a "buzz factor" that cannot be matched. It will grab headlines and human interest that transcend the normal political discussion. With that comes the attention of millions of potential voters who wouldn't normally pay any attention to conservative Republicans, or any other politicians.

Anonymous said...

Palin is a nit wit. Her new taxes to destroy Alaska will make her a suitable VP candidate for McCain. He tried to destroy the US with his amnesty plan, so they will be a perfect match.

But her being hot will not get her elected in the continental US. The other 49 states are already loaded with hot women. She won't be able to become the VP like she did the gov. And since she has nothing else to offer, she's a sinking ship to a presidential campaign! Maybe she'll do the right thing, go home and take care of her family.

Anonymous said...

Well, as we can tell from the previous post, there are still some wimpy whiney insecure men who are fearful of women.

The idiot person could have just judged credentials, but his jealousy got in the way and so he had to refer to her appearance. Saying she should go home and take care of her family shows the jealousy that SOME men have. You are fighting a losing battle.

We are going to have a female VP if not Sarah Palin it is coming and a female President someday.

The fact she just gave birth is great because it adds to the fact of toughness; that she can bring a life into the world and do something that profound then get up and get back to work. I would like to see if the previous male poster could have the ovaries to handle that. :)

Now grow up previous poster. Most men aren't that threatened. Poor babies male identity is that weak.

Now go change the oil in my car and take out my garbage.