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Monday, March 10, 2008

Ingraham on Palin: "I like her!"

Yet another national talk-show host seems very pleased with the idea of Sarah Palin becoming our next Vice President. This time, it's Laura Ingraham. During a discussion of the Veepstakes Monday morning, Miss Ingraham was considerably less than impressed with almost all of the VP possibilities being floated in the media. The notable exception, however, was a certain Governor from the Last Frontier. Gov. Palin is clearly the only VP candidate who can cement McCain's support in the conservative base AND make the ticket more appealing to independent voters. Most of the other names being thrown around can only perform one of those tasks, but there is one candidate can do both. Her name is Sarah Palin. How could you refuse the opportunity to have such a person on your ticket?

Here's what Ingraham had to say:

"We definitely want a governor, but slim pickings, though, in the governors. And I’m telling you, the Alaskan governor…what’s her name? I always forget it. (Producer: “ Palin”). I sat next to her at lunch…she’s gonna kill me ‘cause I know she listens to the show…and this was in July,…or dinner, excuse me, it was a dinner. I spoke at an event. KBYR, our great affiliate, was there. And just [a] great, great time. And she was delightful , and smart…Oh, my phone’s ringing…

(Conversation momentarily interrupted by Ingraham’s answering a sales call on air and launching into a diatribe about receiving solicitations on her cell phone [Blogger’s note : I agree, such calls are insanely annoying.])

….So, back to the Veepstakes. Sarah Palin: I like her. (Producer: “Babe”) Well, she is. She’s a beautiful woman, but she’s also a conservative. Her husband, I think is a shrimper? (pause) He’s a fisherman. I’m not kidding you, and they go out and fish on the weekends. He’s a commercial fisherman. I’m telling you, I think that sells. That sells a lot more than “my friends” and comprehensive immigration reform. And she’s not for comprehensive reform, I can tell you that right now. She’s sick to death of this immigration nonsense in the United States."

If you want to hear it for yourself, you will need a "Laura365" subscription to access the online archives. Obviously, the date you need is 3/10/08, and the comments on Palin begin 1:33:43 into the brodcast.

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