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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This site endorses...
Usually, this blog is not in the business of making endorsements, as we are promoting a candidate and do not want to put words in the Gov. Palin's mouth. However, I feel at this point that it is necessary to officially announce the following endorsements at this time. They will be explained in detail, and they will likely be both the first and last endorsements made by this blog.

With that disclaimer, this site endorses...

1. Sen. John McCain for President
This is actually something of a formality, as I have always operated under the assumption that
I would back the eventual Republican nominee. I am issuing this formal statement simply to ensure that everyone knows that this website is 100% behind Senator McCain's candidacy for the presidency. John McCain has a decades-long record of service and and depth of experience unrivaled among the presidential candidates. He will be a fantastic leader for this country, and I am enthusiastically looking forward to his inauguration (along with Vice President Palin's) this coming January.
2. Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell for Congress (AK-At Large)
Lieutenant Governor Parnell shocked last week's Alaska GOP convention by announcing that he would be a candidate for the state's lone congressional seat in 2008, pitting him against 18-term incumbent Rep. Don Young in the Republican Primary (a third Republican, State Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, is also running) . Gov. Palin immediately endorsed Parnell's candidacy, and National Review will be endorsing him in next week's issue. Congressman Young, long known as one of the House's premiere porkers, is currently under federal investigation (to be fair, he has not been charged) and his campaign has spent $845,035 on legal fees - though the congressman refuses to say what services he was paying for. Hence, our blog is proud to support the effort to replace him with a Palinite candidate. As I see it, Parnell's candidacy is a continuation of the "Palin Revolution" against Alaska's ethically-challenged political establishment, which began in 2006 when Sarah Palin knocked off incumbent Gov. Frank Murkowski in the gubernatorial primary. I will be sure to provide links to Parnell paraphernalia for your blogs as soon as his campaign website is launched. Any effort backed Gov. Palin is something that our movement should be supporting; so I gladly offer my endorsement to her lieutenant governor in his run for Congress.


Stephen R. Maloney said...

Thanks for the formal endorsement of John McCain, an authentic American hero. I join you of course in hoping that Sarah gets the nod. She and Parnell are the individuals who can regenerate the Republican Party in Alaska. As you know, my solution to what ails the Party is to present wonderful candidates, and we certainly have a couple of them in Alaska.

steve maloney

it's vintage, duh said...

I didn't know if you caught this article on Human Events about the possibility of Palin at the bottom of the ticket.

Anonymous said...

If you make a financial contribution to McCain you should incluse this in the last block:

5. Were You Referred by a Friend
Yes, his/her name is
Gov. Sarah Palin for VP