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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More V.P. Musings from Gov. Palin

Gov. Palin gave a great interview on Monday to the Los Angeles television station KTLA (she was in L.A. for a conference on women in leadership), and of course the anchors led off with questions about a potential run for the Vice Presidency. Personally, I think she did a fantastic job, not only with the VP questions, but also discussing energy issues and women in leadership.

Click here to watch.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Just read Sarah's pregnant with child #5! Congrats to her! At 44 years of age - Wow. I think "Wow" is about all any of us in Alaska can get out right now, besides wishing her, Todd, the baby and the rest of the family all the best.

I can't imagine McCain tapping her as V.P. with her being pregnant and then having a brand new baby during what will no doubt be the amazing rigors of the campaign trail.

What are your thoughts, ElephantMan? I'm curious.

A stunned Alaskan

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance you could make the video available on a more browser friendly format? ActiveX is giving all my browsers fits (including IE).

Could you capture it and save it to YouTube or something?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

What somebody needs to do is get Frank Luntz to focus panel a Palin appearance vs. the "dull white guys" that are also on the Veep list.

Her line would go off the top of the screen, while Pawlenty- Sanford- Crist et. al. would flat-line.

America is ready for the first mother-baby combination on the national campaign trail!

Anonymous said...

Sarah speaks with common language/verbage. This will win votes in "middle-America".