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Saturday, June 30, 2007

New "Bumper Stickers"

Our "Digital Bumper Stickers" section now has a graphic for you, no matter which GOP candidate you support. In addition to my new "official unofficial" Draft Palin logo, I have added F. Thompson-Palin, Hunter-Palin, Huckabee-Palin, Brownback-Palin, Tancredo-Palin, and Gilmore-Palin logos - plus a Ron Paul-Palin logo contributed by supporter "ivan8r". I will have a McCain-Palin logo up soon to complete the field.

1 comment:

Chip Wood said...


I stole 2 of your digital bumper stickers. One for Romney/Palin and one for Thompson/Palin. Now to get one or the other to happen!

Added your blog link also.