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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Palin Pics

Some amazing pictures of Gov. Palin have been posted recently on her official website. I thought I would share some of them with you, as I beleive they illustrate how effective she could be on the campaign trail and as a spokeswoman for America. I particularly love the ones of the Governor visiting our troops, I couldn't help but get the eerie feeling that they were beamed back from the future and I was watching Vice-President Palin boosting morale on a trip to Iraq.

(Photo Credit: State of Alaska)

(Gov. Palin is the one behind the gun)

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JB said...

The code to get a link to your blog is pretty simple; if you want to publish it, it would be...

For Rudy-Sarah:
<A HREF=""><IMG SRC=""></A>

For Romney-Sarah:
<A HREF=""><IMG SRC=""></A>

For Tommy-Sarah:
<A HREF=""><IMG SRC=""></A>

That's assuming, of course, that you don't mind people using these buttons while they're hosted on your blog (this will cause a slight server slowdown, but it is blogspot we're talking about here...they can probably handle it).

I assume it's possible to just drop this code into a blogger template, but I'm not really sure - I coded my whole template myself, so it was relatively easy, but I don't know what blogger's WYSIWYG editor or whatever it is does and doesn't let you do.

JB said...

Damn, those are being cut can still copy and paste them, though, they'll come out complete if you make sure to select the line below. See, this is what I mean about blogger templates having issues, forced text wrapping in the comments, tsk tsk tsk....

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...


terriergal said...

Hey FoxNews was showing vid of her shooting that MG I think this morning -- I can't find it online anywhere. If you have/find a link for that vid let me know!

I am envious she got to shoot that... maybe I should run for gov...

doomy said...
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Anonymous said...

The video above contains a virus disguised as a codec. If I wasn't on Linux it would have screwed my whole computer.

Just a warning.