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Monday, June 18, 2007

Some Great Palin Blogs

As I am adding more members to "Blogs for Palin", I figured I'd post links to some of the better pieces and discussions that have been written on the idea of a Palin candidacy:

From "Blogs for Palin":

"Palin for VP?" - GenXDad
"Take Palin & Call Me in the Morning" - Outside of the Box
"Sarah Palin: The First Blog-Driven National Campaign" - Campaign2008Victory (This one actually outlines the beginnings of a strategy to get Palin on the GOP ticket)

From the rest of the web:

"Veep Watch: Gov. Sarah Palin Sports 90% Approval Rating" - Race42008
"Veep Palin?" - PostPolitical
"Madam Vice President?" - Save the GOP

If you want to join the budding "Palin movement" (as Steve at Campaign2008Victory has labeled our efforts), we accept Republicans and conservatives of all stripes. So far, we have Palin supporters from the camps of Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Duncan Hunter, and even Ron Paul. While I may personally be a hard-right conservative and a Giuliani supporter, don't be deterred from signing on if you happen to be a moderate or a Jim Gilmore backer.

Coming soon...the Palin for VP graphics that I have been promising you. I have been working on graphic bumper stickers for Giuliani-Palin, McCain-Palin, and Romney-Palin campaigns, with a Thompson-Palin graphic to follow when Fred Thompson officially launches his campaign.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Palin is presidential material, don't be afraid because she is a gentle lady. None of those guys running have even a pinch of personality or real credibility or ethos. Attaching her name to them would surely make the men look better, but it would reduce her credibility too much.
I suggest pairing her with another AK Smart Lady Leader: Fran Ulmer
AK REVOLUTION! It is too late to take back what you "statesiders" say about us.