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Monday, June 11, 2007

Pickin up Speed

The "Draft Palin" train is picking up steam, and one of the primary reasons that I have not ben blogging as much is that I have been on other sites participating in Palin discussions on other sites...that and not much has been going on in the great white North since the State Legislature session adjourned for the year. I will be updating when possible, and I hope to have some cool "Draft Palin" graphics in the near future (I'm working on putting Sarah's name into mockups of the major GOP candidates' bumper stickers).

For another good discussion, check out Campaign2008Victory over at Townhall. Steve (who runs that site) has embraced the "Draft Palin" concept in a big way and is devoting a weeklong series of columns to why she should be Vice President of the United States. I will post links to other "Draft Palin" conversations in the blogoshphere soon.

If you thought that this site was a joke when I launched a few months ago, you were wrong. I am dead serious about promoting Palin as a VP candidate, and I am not only one doing it anymore.

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