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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sarah Barracuda.

I referred in an earlier post that Sarah Palin's tough leadership as Mayor of Wasilla led many to refer to her as "Sarah Barracuda", and it appears that the Governor has now brought that same decisive leadership to the State of Alaska. For instance, yesterday she fired the State Agriculture Board...Yes, you read that correctly; she canned the entire seven member board and replaced them.

The move was spurred by Palin's ongoing fight with the board regarding the proposed closing of the state-owned Matanuska Maid Creamery. Business at "Mat Maid" hasn't been great recently, and the Creamery Board recommended closing up shop on July 1st...leaving many Alaskan diary farmers with no where to sell there milk. Palin instead wanted new leadership on the Creamery Board that would revamp Mat Maid and try to get it back in the black. The State Ag Board (which oversees the Creamery Board) refused to work with Palin on the issue, so she got rid of them...all of them.

Listen, I honestly don't know where I stand on this issue because I personally am a critic of all state-owned businesses (and therefore a little unsure how I'd run one other than to privatize it as quickly as I could), but that's really not what this post is about. The reason I'm mentioning the Mat Maid kerfuffle is that it shows that Sarah Palin has no trouble making the tough and sometimes unpopular decisions involved in being a government executive - yet another reason she needs to be drafted for national office!

As a sidenote: If you thought that such a drastic move would dent Palin's public support, think again. I know that online polls are not the greatest when it comes to accuracy, but this one shows 87% of respondents agreeing with Palin on the issue.

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Bob said...

Is this a joke? You can't seriously be suggesting that a small town mayor that lucked into a Governor's seat with less than 50% of votes cast is the best that the Republican Party can offer as a VP candidate.

Emperor Rants

Ishmael said...

Sarah got her nickname when she played high school basketball, but for the same tenacity she's showing now.

Steve said...

Sarah Palin defeated the two most powerful figres in Alaska, Frank Murkowski (Rep. incumbent) and Tony Knowles (Dem. former Gov.) when she won the governorship. Emperor Bob should do his homework rather than falling into the anti-female rant. Here's my update on how Bloggers for Palin is going as of Wednesday, June 20:

DanaS from California signed up today for Blogger 4 Palin. He blogs at

He joins the others palinforvp has listed, and several other individuals are at the "tipping point" in joining the effort. We will have 100 bloggers by Labor Day and perhaps sooner. Ishmael, please join!

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

Emperor...this is not a joke. I have much better things to do with my time than try to "punk" the bloosphere. I am dead serious about this effort. And I'm promoting a popular, effective, successful GOVERNOR for the VP slot.

Ishmael, nice of you to stop by...we'll have to talk some time about that time you called me a "neocon smacktard"...I am not a

Steve, I love your enthusiasm, but something tells me that our good friend Ishmael will not be joining the blogroll soon (see previous paragraph)...though I will say that he has a very entertaining blog which is worth reading even if you disagree with him.

JB said...

I didn't know politicians like this existed anymore! It's refreshing to see courage in a leader.

And as for Bob's comment, everybody starts somewhere; Palin's roots as a small-town mayor are humble and respectable, and only serve to highlight the same tenacity Ishmael observes, which is what's carried her to where she is today. The idea that a small-town politician is somehow inherently inferior to a big-city politician is, quite simply, tripe.

Ishmael said...

You guys seem very nice. I'm renouncing my extreme left wing leanings. Okay, not really. E-Man, I probably shouldn't have called you a smacktard, or apparently, a neocon. I'm trying to be nicer about my blogging... ;-)

I like both your blogs, and would support in theory Sarah as VP. I'd hate to lose her AK gov, and ultimately would wind up not voting for her if she ran for VP. What's a guy to do?

Melissa S. Green said...

Given her conservative, right-wingy views, I like Sarah as gov a whole lot more than I ever thought I would. And y'know -- I'd rather keep her as a full-term gov than have her run for VP in an election that the GOP is unlikely to win anyway.

Bob said...


Frank Murkowski's approval rating was only slightly better than GWB. Many were surprised that he ran at all. I think he was convinced to in order to give Queen P some credibility and boost her 'outsider' image. Which was totally contrived because the only way a Republican was going to get elected was as an outsider. There was a lot of anti-Murkowski votes and pro Knowles votes that went to Queen P along with the women and conservative christian vote that basically handed her the Republican nomination. In the General, there were many people that remembered Knowles last term as Governor and weren't eager to have that repeated. The best candidate was Halcro, who made Queen P look and sound stupid every time they were in a debate or shared a forum. Unfortunately, not enough Alaskans thought Halcro could win as an independent so the anti-knowles vote went to Queen P. Even then, she failed to get more than 50% of the votes cast. Perhaps you should do a little more homework before you accuse others of being "anti-female". I would support Condoleezza Rice for President. I did support Arliss Sturgulewski for Alaskan Governor back in the '80's. Queen P isn't qualified to carry either one of these very smart, accomplished, women leaders purses.


Yes it is a joke, you just don't get it. You are pimping a VP candidate that hasn't accomplished ANYTHING. She's only been in office for 6 months. Where do you get the silly notion that she is either successful or effective as Governor? AGIA is doomed to fail to bring a gas line to Alaska according to most knowledgeable industry experts. Her popularity will take a huge hit once people get a load of her idiotic budget cuts today. I know you all are banking on "Charisma" to carry the day, but without substance and vision, charisma is nothing but an empty promise.

Emperor Rants

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...


1) I have never accused you of being anti-female. So don't put words in my mouth.

2) If you read my "FAQ" section, it says that I respond to "valid inquiries" about what I am doing on this sight. Your smoke-blowing does not constitute such an inquiry, and therefore I will not be responding to it in any depth in the future. I also will ask you to keep your posts concise and/or limited in number, becasue I will delete troll-posts if they start to clutter the comments section and get in the way of actual debate on the subject. You have a right to your opinion, but so do I and so does everyone else here, and they have the right to state their opinions without fear of subjecting themselves to your abuse.